Our Values

As a privately-held company, we are able to be selective with whom we choose to work. We take pride in maintaining close, long-term relationships with our clients and we search for commercial partners who share this attitude.

We are advisors, partners and exclusive agents to our clients. We are uniquely capable of managing every aspect of our client’s business, from simple distribution to total market responsibility. Our Values are our guiding light and provides the frame of reference for everything we do.

Value 1 : FairnessValue 2 : PartnershipValue 3 : KnowledgeValue 4 : Timeliness

We honour fairness and integrity directed to our stakeholders who collectively make our success as a trustworthy Malaysian food supplier possible. To our employees, we provide a safe and pleasant working environment that promotes and rewards hard work and best practices. To our customers, we aim to deliver consistent quality at fair prices. To our suppliers, we honour reliable and mutually beneficial partnerships. And to the general public, we promise to act at all times as a responsible corporate citizen and food supplier in Malaysia.

It is our genuine belief that a “win-win” relationship must exist and be nurtured between our stakeholders and us. Central to the relationship is mutual respect and trust. To this end we continually strive to establish and grow genuine partnerships with our stakeholders based on one critical principle: we deliver our promises. Our stakeholders can and will therefore count on us as a reliable Malaysian food supplier.

Knowledge is essential to create and maintain competitive advantage for our stakeholders and us in playing our role as quality food supplier in Malaysia. This means that all our employees are competent and knowledgeable about the products and services we provide, and always familiar with the ever-changing dynamic needs of our customers (and their customers). When our stakeholders deal with us, not only they deal with a Malaysian food supplier but also one who knows the market, the products and their needs well.

Timeliness to us at Defeem is to value and respect time. We appreciate time as a tangible asset equally important to our customers and employees.

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