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Defeem manufacturing arm are supported by highly skilled and trained production team, together with the use of imported modern machineries with greater capabilities, we are committed to high performance productivity, consistent and with best quality products for our customers. Defeem maintains significant investment to provide training for the production team to continuously improve the production effectiveness and efficiency. In keeping with progress and the improving of a productivity, additional machineries will be acquired to upgrade the factory periodically. Our production workers comprise of skilled and semi-skilled workers. Besides on-the-job training, special workshop sessions are to upgrade their individual skills.

Apart from manufacturing popcorn raw ingredients, Defeem also has the manufacturing facilities and technical know-how to produce the Ready-To-Eat gourmet popcorn. We do not offer customers hand-made, just popped and hot boxes of popcorn, but offer already-made, easy-to-get, convenient, and still crispy, fresh, and tasty popcorn where they can promptly get from any hypermarkets, supermarkets, and convenient stores. Our domestic brand, “FEEM” has extended its marketing channels in hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenient stores in our country.

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